Turning back the Trump tide: populism, Labor and the left


Level 2 /39 Lt Collins Street Melbourne (Nr Parliament station)
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May 04, 2017 at 6:30pm - 8:30pm



Join the John Cain Foundation and Open Labor for an interactive discussion on how to deal with emergent populist political movements.

Turning back the Trump tide: populism, Labor and the left

Open Labor and the John Cain Foundation invite you to an important debate on how the ALP and the progressive left should respond to the election of Donald Trump, Brexit, the advance of populist parties in Europe and the return of One Nation.


Roberto Foa:  Lecturer in Political Science, University of Melbourne, and specialist on the threats to democracy around the world.

Hutch Hussein:  State President, Victorian Labor Party, and Social Justice Campaigner.

Miya Tomukitsu:  Contributing Editor Jacobin Magazine, writer and commentator.

Mark Dreyfus:  Shadow Attorney-General and Shadow Minister for National Security.


When?   6:30pm-8.30pm, MAY 4th 2017

Where?   Level 2 /39 Lt Collins Street, Melbourne (Nr Parliament station)

How much?   $20 waged, $10 unwaged

Bookings essential:   BOOK HERE - https://www.trybooking.com/PNBN


These are dangerous days for democracy. The rise of populism is shaking the political order across the developed world, but it is provoking a particular crisis on the progressive left. Last year European social democratic parties lost 12 out of 18 national elections, the British Labour Party fell further into disarray and irrelevance, and the Democrats in the United States lost the unlosable presidential election.

While the ALP remains favourite to win the next federal election, populist forces are transforming politics everywhere and Labor must eventually have an answer to them. But what is it? Should the party focus more on inequality, redistribution, taxation, immigration -- or are its current policies essentially sound? Among the cries of despair and rage now dominating politics in many countries, which voices should the centre left listen to, and which should it be ready to fight?

Listen to our speakers, and have your say, at what is bound to be a fascinating and important event.

Bookings essential:   BOOK HERE - https://www.trybooking.com/PNBN


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