Redeeming Australian Labor

"If they’re to have any chance of reviving, Australian unions need to abandon backroom deals and activate their rank-and-file," argues Simon Copland in Jacobin.  "Last month’s Australian election has apparently given the country’s union movement reason to celebrate. Labor leaders are trumpeting what they see as the rejection of the Turnbull coalition government’s 'destructive policies' and the important role unions played in anti–Liberal Party campaigns across the country.

"The coalition’s reduced majority seemed unthinkable only ten months ago when Malcolm Turnbull rose to power. And, in many ways, the election can be seen as a remarkable turnaround for a labor movement that has been under attack for years.

"Some will blame the Australian labor movement’s decline on a 'wide-ranging attack' launched by 'the establishment,' but these problems go right to the heart of the movement itself."  Continue reading the rest of this article here.