Paul Keating says BCA's Westacott peddles falsehoods on company tax cuts

Paul Keating has accused the Business Council of Australia's Jennifer Westacott of peddling falsehoods over company tax cuts, saying her "limited and jaundiced view" ignored how benefits would flow solely to foreign investors. He said "Westacott talks about incentives to invest coming from company tax cuts but has failed to acknowledge the elephant in the room – dividend imputation."  Phil Coorey Aus. Fin. Review Aug 1 2017 (may be paywall protected)   [Read more]

Capitalism's excesses belong in the dustbin of history. What's next is up to us

Watch US House minority leader, Nancy Pelosi answer college student Trevor Hill in a New York televised town hall meeting. He asked if the Democratic Party would move left given a Harvard University study showing 51% of Americans 18 to 29 years old no longer support capitalism. This Martin Kirk Guardian article claims that it’s not only about young voters, citing UK, German and US data. No doubt young people in many countries are moving left. What does this mean for the ALP and centre left parties? And will the disaffected move left or right?

More than ‘slacktivism’: we dismiss the power of politics online at our peril

The Democracy Futures series is a joint initiative of The Conversation and the Sydney Democracy Network. This project aims to stimulate thinking about challenges facing democracy. This particular presentation, More than ‘slacktivism’  by Joel Penny (Montclair State Uni) looks at online and volunteer campaigns, including recent ALP campaigning trends. Check out other presentations in the series.