Race Mathews calls for end of branch stacking


The following message has been emailed by Race Mathews to all members of the Victorian Labor Party.

Dear Labor friends,

Enough is enough.

I urge you to contact the Victorian Labor Party officials listed below to express your concerns about incidents of widespread branch stacking and abuse of party joining processes between the period 2013 to present as recently reported in the media.

It is critical that we demand that the Administrative Committee convenes an urgent meeting to authorise a fully independent and open investigation into this matter that identifies and expels all those responsible for these corrupt and undemocratic practices.

The principle of one vote - one value, your democratic rights and the integrity of our party are at stake.

Local Labor acknowledges Federal Labor Leader Bill Shorten's call for strong action on this issue, and welcomes recourse to national intervention if necessary.

If we do not raise our voices together now to hold those responsible genuinely accountable, then the integrity of our state party's governance will remain under a cloud and your rights will continue to be disrespected and abused.

Defend your rights and the rule of law within our Labor Party by making your voice heard to:

Rupert EvansVictorian State President

Noah CarrollVictorian State Secretary

Email: info@vic.alp.org.auTelephone: (03) 9933 8500

Yours in solidarity,

Race MathewsNational PatronLocal Labor