Open Labor calls for open preselection contest in Wills

Open pre-selection: let’s do it the right way in Wills 

Open Labor calls on the ALP to run an open pre-selection for the federal electorate of Wills so that local members and head office can combine to find the best candidate for this vital Labor seat. 

An open pre-selection to replace retiring MP Kelvin Thomson would strengthen party democracy, renew the party’s ties to the electorate, and showcasesome of the many talented Labor people who would make fine MPs. 

Wills is one of Labor’s safest seats – its people deserve to be represented by one of Labor’s strongest candidates,’ said Open Labor spokesperson Tom Bentley.  

Already some high quality names have been put forward -- let’s give the people of Wills and Australia a chance to assess them.  

The worst result would be a deal behind closed doors that delivered the seat to a factional choice based on pre-existing pacts or arrangements instead of on the quality and appeal of the candidate.' 

Open Labor proposes an open pre-selection after a public process lasting at least a few weeks. That process should includeclear information about the ultimate selection process at public party forums and on websites as well as public debates in the electorate attended by the candidates and open to all. 

Open Labor is a group of people including party members and non-members working for a more open, democratic ALP. Open Labor is ready to partner with people and community groups in Wills to achieve the best outcome for the party through transparent processes. 


At its next meeting, Bill KeltyLuba Grigorovitch and Tim Lyons will speak on how to renew the relationship between unions and the ALP: 6.30pm Tuesday November 24, Celtic Club 320 Queen Street Melbourne. All welcome. 


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