The ALP's election performance and the Party's future


Toxteth Hotel, Glebe


July 27, 2016 at 7:30pm - 9:30pm


Meeting to consider ALP election performance and Party future with Tom Bentley from Open Labor Victoria

In the wake of what could be a hung-parliament, this post-election period presents an important opportunity for those who support Open Labor in NSW to reflect on what we can learn from this past term of government, the election campaign, and the performance of our Party 2013-2016. We therefore propose to offer our supporters and any others who are interested the chance to come together to reflect on the Party’s performance and consider any future actions we might take.

You are invited then to come to the Toxteth Hotel, Glebe (cnr Glebe Point and Ferry Roads) at 7.30 on 27 July 2016 for this post-election reflection. 

The Program:

We will first hear a personal reflection on the lessons of the past three years including the election campaign by Tom Bentley. Tom Bentley was Deputy Chief of Staff and senior policy adviser to Julia Gillard from 2007-2013. He was Director of Demos, the independent think tank based in London, from 1999-2006. He now works with institutions around the world on how to learn more effectively. 

Discussion will then focus on two key areas that are of major concern to rank and file Party members which we believe need reform. The first is the issue of pre-selection and the second the role of the union movement within the Party. 

Concerning pre-selections:

· Should our guiding principle be to strive to create a body of representatives that fairly reflects Australian society with regard to gender, ethnicity, and employment experience?

· Are there circumstances in which the leader or Executive body should be able to void member selection? If so, what attributes of a candidate or seat would warrant removing Party members’ rights?

Concerning the union movement:

· Given that affiliated unions now cover less than 10% of the workforce, should the union movement retain the right to 50% of decision-making, particularly now that some major unions are providing campaign funds to other Parties? 

The Operating Group for Open Labor NSW will take the conclusions from this meeting to guide their program for supporters over the year ahead. This will also help us as we liaise with our Victorian colleagues on our work toward building a national movement for Party reform.

You can contact us on where you can register attendance.

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