Is capitalism dead?


It is increasingly clear that political and economic verities are under strain. In May, Yanis Varoufakis argued that capitalism is dead and that we now have financialisation and bankruptocracy. And, closer to home, Richard Denniss (The message was clear,.Brexit, Trump and the federal election show how the old categories of left and right are crumbling The Monthly) argues:  

... the neoliberal agenda is failing badly at ballot boxes around the Western world.

The old world order of the Washington Consensus has broken apart more quickly than a new one has been built, but the lack of a clear path forward in no way diminishes the significance of the collapse in public support for free trade, trickle-down economics and the privatisation of essential services. The new “right-wing” populists are hostile to all that the neo-liberals held dear.

Open Laborers take note. But is it a positive or a negative without a clear social democrat economic strategy?