Steve Bracks, Maxine McKew, and Dave Faulkner on schools and the federal election


The Celtic Club


June 23, 2016 at 6:30pm - 7:45pm



Nine days before the Federal Election, come and hear Steve Bracks, Maxine McKew and Dave Faulkner talk about a vital difference between the Labor and Coalition parties -- their attitudes to school education -- at an Open Labor meeting at the Celtic Club in the Melbourne CBD, Thursday 23 June, 6:30pm.

Labor leader Bill Shorten has announced a ten-year, $37 billion education plan -- Your Child, Our Future -- that includes full funding of the Gonski reforms introduced by the Gillard Government. 

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, meanwhile, has said that his Government will not fund the last two years of the package. He has even flagged the possibility of his government ceasing to fund public schools, while still funding private schools. 

This is a major election battleground, and former Premier Steve Bracks, former Federal MP Maxine McKew, and educational innovator Dave Faulkner are ideally placed to discuss it. Steve chaired the funding review of Victorian school education, which released its report in April. Maxine works at the Melbourne's Graduate School of Education and is the author of Class Act, a book on how to tackle disadvantage in schools and reverse the decline in our education system. Dave is the CEO and co-founder of Education Changemakers, and as one of Australia’s most awarded educators has vast experience leading change at the school, regional and national level.

The Bracks funding review found that education outcomes in Victoria have not improved for nearly a decade. Disadvantaged students are over represented among low-scoring students and the performance of high achieving students is slipping. About 10,000 young Victorians drop out of school each year. 

'The school system is simply not serving the interests of all students, and more should be done to engage students and lift performance overall.' The report found that maintaining Gonski funding was essential but argued that funding needed to be more transparent and accountable to achieve its goals.

It will be a great discussion, and flag one of the key policy differences between the parties that is worth fighting for on July 2. Come and hear the talk, meet other Open Labor people, have a drink and have your say.  



Steve Bracks, Maxine McKew and Dave Faulkner on school education, Gonski and the Federal Election.

Thursday June 23, 6.30pm

Celtic Club upstairs, corner Queen and LaTrobe Streets, City.