The questions John Faulkner might have asked the candidates for ALP National President

Voting for ALP National President closes this Thursday. All five candidates answered a joint Open Labor and Local Labor questionnaire on party reform -- you'll find their answers in this blog and on our Facebook page. Here Open Labor signatory Geoff Hjorth from the Newport ALP branch proposes four extra questions to the survey, based on former Senator John Faulkner's Revesby Workers Club speech last year on party reform. 

A Lesson From the Past in How the People Can Own the Future

More than 150 people came to Melbourne University on a Saturday in late March to hear the British thinker and founder of Blue Labour, Maurice Glasman, talk to a John Cain Foundation Conference about why labour parties and the left need to go back to core principles and ordinary people in order to reinvent themselves and thrive. Among the speakers who formally responded to Glasman was historian and Open Labor member Janet McCalman. In her brilliant speech, packed with historical insight and reproduced below, McCalman explains how the turn of history is once again throwing the interests of the middle and working classes together.