We are a group of people who seek renewal of the Australian Labor Party and a more open, optimistic and decent politics in Australia.  For more than a century the ALP has represented the hopes of millions of people for a better life. Many good people within it have fought for the big changes that have made Australia a better society.

Yet the Labor Party, for all that it has achieved, has in recent years struggled to find the ideas and ideals needed to inspire Australians. The party's structures and rules too often serve the interests of those who hold power within them, not the wider communities they purport to represent.

It must open up – to new people, ideas and methods.  

It must become more democratic – in how it organises itself, how it develops policies, and how it connects with its members, supporters and the public. 

We seek an open Labor Party: open to change, while building on its best values and traditions. We have no illusions about the size of the task. Inertia and entrenched self-interest are powerful forces inside the party, and disengagement and cynicism outside it.  But the excitement that has accompanied the recent election of Labor’s federal leader shows that there is a readiness -- a hunger -- for change.  

In the widespread despair with our politics is an opportunity. We want to work with other people of goodwill to seize it.